A little bit of Tuscany, a touch of Napoli
right here in Belleville, Ontario.

In the heart of Belleville, an easy walk from all the important sites, housed into a century old building, Paulo's Italian Trattoria reminds us that food is more than the substance of life, it can also be a delight.


In a world of standardized food, Paulo's stands out as an individual creation. Not only Paulo's creations but also his patrons very own. Over 60 fresh ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, spices, vegetables, prosciuttos, cheeses etc..., can be combined to create the perfect gourmet pizza which is then baked in a traditional wood fired oven and served pipping hot.


But Paulo's is much more than pizzas, to read the menu is to travel to the sunny skies of Italy, Penne Arrabiata, Fettuccine di Mare, Tortellini, Funghi, Bocconcini, Calamari, Bruschetta and much more. From the grill Paulo's offers fine quality Black Angus strip loin as well as veal, lamb, chicken and fish. The wine list offers carefully chosen and reasonably priced wines from the best regions of the world.

Warmth and aroma are two major ingredients for a good Italian restaurant, both of which you'll quickly discover at Paulo's.

 A Few of Our Delicious Meals.

garlic bread

fish salad